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2008 Ke-Go Sakusen WW2 Re-enactment in Shizuoka, Japan

Belly up to the full-service bar that is my awesomeness and suck on some photogs of a few weekends back in Shizuoka. Feeling lazy so commentary will be minimal. I mean it this time. No holding forth whatsoever. OK, maybe a little.


Persons wanting to do WWII British airsoft re-enactment are not exactly overwhelmed with readily-available choices of weapons. This cat custom built his Lee-Enfield from a stock Marui VSR. Extended the foregrip and made the sights, magazine, and bayonet lug from scratch. GANGSTA.

godammit people, keep the plastic safety goggles out of the shot, you're not Rommel in the desert

These guys were new. They changed uniforms between every game, it was like a Cher concert with more gunfire and fewer explosions.


OK, so the half-sized 10,5cm auf Lorraine Schlepper was not goofy enough, here we have chibi Hetzer! Made of plywood, built on the robust frame of a kid's trike!

trike vor

I think I can I think I can

It's not a self-propelled gun, it's a Jamor-propelled gun. Har har.

buried alive by nonsense

War is hell.

Indii Joonuzu

This guy likes Indiana Jones. Like, with the inspiring borderline-compulsive mania that only the Japanese are capable.

jump to it

Shizuoka grüner Teufel - roten Teufel Freundschaftgesellschaft


Much like the Christmas truce, everyone knew it couldn't last. Primosole bridge, anyone?

know your role

Ah, finally the natural order of things is restored.

Einsatzgruppe J

And, naturlich, it wouldn't be a Kego Sakusen event without some mock executions. Hey guys on the left? If you are going to be party to war crimes, it is probably not a good idea to snap some souvenir polaroids of the action, hmm? The memories will likely haunt you enough.

so, how's that brutal Stalinist dictatorship working out for you, old chap?

Least likely allies in history. Enemy of my enemy, I guess.



[attn: nerds. Plz to be forgiving the M-14, I wanted to use my new bandolier and it made a passable G-43 substitute. I find complaints about realism are muted when you wave the bayonet around.]

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